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We build sports fields, sports halls arc and pneumatic multifunctional fields. treadmills, put fiber optics

15 years of experience
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Polyurethane surfaces are made of components of the leading European manufacturers. Our company invests comprehensively ie. From concept, through design and construction of the facility.

Since 2002, we specialize in the construction of sports fields and halls lightweight.

we design and build

  • Air domes
  • Arched halls
  • Tracks
  • Fields
Air domes

Air domes

The air dome is a structure developed in the mid 20th century. Air domes with steel line grids have been available on the market since the mid 1960’s.

We have been manufacturing air domes since the year 2003. Thanks to our halls, open sports facilities can be open throughout the entire year providing optimal conditions.

Each year we try to improve our product in order to make it perfect. So far we have designed, manufactured and installed over 50 domes, ranging from domes covering a single court and small swimming pool to 7 courts and a full size football pitch by the Legia Warszawa stadium.

On our website you will find detailed information regarding our domes. Initially it is worth mentioning that domes by InterHall are delivered to the customer fully equipped. First assembly of the dome takes no more than 2 days. The time from signing the contract to dome delivery and assembly takes no more than 3 months.

Arched halls

Arched halls

Regardless of what sports discipline you practice, the most important thing is the pleasure you get from it. In order for this to continue without interruption, you need the appropriate space which guarantees freedom and ease, as well as ensuring the most comfortable conditions.

Like every sportsperson, in our day-to-day work we concentrate on continued development.

We design all our products with the requirements set for this type of sports infrastructure in mind. We create a new reality in sports. In order to meet the expectations of government programs which emphasize development of physical education, our designers have created products which combine functionality, economy and the high aesthetic quality of an air dome, with the possibility of creating ideal conditions for play throughout the year, regardless of the weather or season.


Running tracks

Often lacks full-length athletic tracks made from state-of-the-art polyurethane surfaces. So far we have constructed over a dozen running tracks incorporating an economically viable system, namely the spray surface.


Football pitches

We use our best efforts to ensure that the football pitches built by InterHall Sp. z o.o. always represent the highest quality. This is why, whenever there is an opportunity, we verify the quality of the installation by applying for a FIFA recommendation. As a result, we currently hold 11 FIFA 2 Star certificates.

Multi-functional sports fields

With the current social changes, sport has become part of everyday life for many people

Tennis courts

Synthetic tennis surfaces are the best solution for many players, trainers and owners of tennis facilities.

Installation of air dome - Legia Warsaw

We build sports fields, sports halls arc and pneumatic multifunctional fields. treadmills, put fiber optics

What we made

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