Hall at Primary School no. 37 in Cracow

In December 2014, the 11th air dome by InterHall was built in Cracow.

The 36.4 m x 61 m hall covers a multifunctional sports field and running track. This is the first hall in our history to cover a running track. The solution makes it possible to conduct a variety of physical education classes simultaneously.

At the hall it is now possible to play tennis, football and volleyball, as well as using the running track. Students and local residents have responded enthusiastically to the appearance of the InterHall air dome in their neighborhood. The hall is heated with system heat and the machine room is adapted to work with hot water.

This is InterHall’s 11th hall in Cracow, with the previous ones being built at MM Sport Cracow, Grzegórzecki Cracow, Hutnik Cracow, Cracovia Cracow, MDK Korczak Cracow, FIT Zone Cracow, Krakowianka Cracow, 2 halls at J&J Skotniki Cracow, and Dywizjonu Housing Estate Cracow.